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US Pure Ban - Tony

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Offender: Tony  BM: https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/108464071  Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198287724732
Server: US Pure
Time: 11:08 pm est.
Length: Perm.
Reason: Stealing, entering bases through base exploits.
More Info (Optional): First encountered and witnessed the player inside of another players base. Sent out a PSA And gave them a console warning explaining the rules of the server and letting them know entering a base without permission, stealing from players and through base exploits is against the server rules. After the console warning was given I witnessed him again trying to get into a players base through a base exploit and became visible just as he was attempting to get in through a window.

I verbally spoke to him and confirmed he could hear and understand everything I said as well as understood the warnings he was already given. I went over the rules with him. I told him we would love to have him a part of our server provided he stay in accordance to the server rules and stop taking items that wasn't his and to stop entering bases through base exploits.

Shortly after that verbal talk with him I watched him again try to get  into 2 more bases, take items through base exploits and enter a players compound. He then started to take items from anything that he was able to.

Given the fact that I sent this player warnings and had a conversation with him to ensure he understood our rules to then have him still very blatantly break them moments after getting warnings show that they have no interest in complying with the rules and therefore will be banned permanently from our servers and wonderful community. 









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