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Lights, Camera, Game Shows!!! 5/2 7PM EST - US Survival


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Come one, come all to the latest craze of the US Survival server - GAME SHOWS!

That's right, we have the lights💡 and cameras readyğŸŽ¥, queueing the audience for laughter🤣, and getting ready to cut the feed when a contestant says something inappropriate😱.

We'll have -

Family Feud 

Win Lose or Draw 

Name That Tune

Come join us Admins on Sunday 5/2 at 7PM EST as we support this player hosted event by our very own Razzleberry, Thaddy187, Lexi, FertileFishy, Hornet, BDAHooligomy, and SilentlyLoud!

Prizes will include $10 EZ Store Credit for 1st place, $5 EZ Store Credit for 2nd place, 3 Airdrops for 3rd place, and 1 Airdrop for all Participants, that's right, you get a prize just for showing up!

Can't wait to see everyone there and having fun!


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