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RustEZ May 2021 Community Screenshot Contest!


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RustEZ May 2021 Community Screenshot Contest!

To celebrate the release of the new HDRP graphics this month, we are hosting a RustEZ-wide (all servers) screenshot contest!

Prizes include store credits and in-game items for next wipe (June 2021.)

There are two categories for players to enter, as well as a third admin-only category.



Category 1: Landscapes, monuments, and scenery

Show off your beautiful and picturesque photos. Anything from sweeping cliffs, to stags in a field, to shots of the towering Jabba’s Palace in all its glory! Shots should not be focused on player builds, but rather on the natural aspects of the landscape.

Category 2: Zany and nutty shenanigans

Show off those craziest and most fun moments that you’ve managed to capture in a photo.

Category 3: For admins only, anything goes!

With the ultimate prize of bragging rights over the other admins, this category is just for fun, and only for admins to enter. Anything goes!


How to enter the contest:

1. Upload your screenshot to the gallery here.

2. Include “May 2021 Community Screenshot Contest” in the photo name.

3. Add a caption with the category that you are entering the photo in, the server you play on, and your in-game name, as well as any other information you would like to add.

4. Up to three entries per player per category.

Deadline to enter is May 31 at 12:01 AM EST!

After the deadline, EZ staff will narrow down the entries, and a poll will be opened allowing players to vote for their favourite screenshots.



Categories 1 and 2:

1st place: $10 RustEZ Store Credit

2nd place: $5 RustEZ Store Credit

3rd place: 3x supply signals for June Wipe

Category 3 (admin only): Bragging rights, and special name colour and role in Discord for a week.

Winners will be contacted through the forum with directions on how to receive their prizes.


Helpful Tips for Taking Screenshots:

·      You can use the built-in Steam mechanism for taking screenshots. Default key is F12

·      Open the Steam overlay (default is Shift+Tab) to see your screenshot keybind, as well as to view any screenshots you have taken.

·      If you are on one of the modded servers (Survival or Scourge) you can hide the HUD by typing /hud in chat. Type /hud again to bring it back.

·      In Rust settings, Escape->Options->User Interface, you may choose to turn off more settings, including hiding the in-game HUD and chat, for less cluttered screenshots.

Best of luck to all those who enter, and we can’t wait to see everyone’s screenshots!


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Voting is now complete, and the winners have been chosen!

Thank you to everyone who participated, either by submitting your screenshots or by taking part in the vote. It was a VERY close call, with some placements coming down to a single vote! Here are the winners:

Category 1:

1st place: Title Not Found by GorillaMoose ($10 RustEZ Store Credit)

2nd place:  lighthouse by GenProx ($5 RustEZ Store Credit)

3rd place: Sunrise in Australia by Fishling (3x supply drops)

Category 2

1st place: we flipped it by Lazy Lion ($10 RustEZ Store Credit)

2nd place: Primitive Heli Wars by Dirtybomb ($5 RustEZ Store Credit)

3rd place: The Chair of Death! by Kayiah (3x supply drops)

Category 3:

Winner: Disaster Pookie by Spliff (Bragging rights, and special name colour and role in Discord for a week.)

*May take up to a week for prizes to be delivered.*

Congratulations to all the winners, and hope everyone had fun! 🙂

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