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can i get unbanned plz

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I was new to server, only played about 2hrs, got chatting to a few people in chat and i said "this feels wrong, people are so nice on this server it dose not feel right, no one has called me a fagot noob" and then i got kicked

been a few years since i last played.... i did not call anyone a foggot i just said it in referance.

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been waiting over 5hrs for someone to take less than 5 min out of their very busy schedual and take care of this problem on my only day off in over 6 months.... fuck it ill find another server....

Your quick turn areound must be why your servers are packed. lol they are fucking dead.... I wonder why?

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Oh... Uh.

Hi, my name is Michael, admin on the server we moderate.
I changed your ban from permanent to 24 hours within 20 minutes of your ban.
You clearly meant it as a joke and not in a bad manner.

I uh, am sorry that I work and can't be on 24/7 to tell you all the messages.
I do wish you the best on whatever server you find next.

Sorry it had to end like this 😞

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