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Banned US Survival: hc4stillo

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My biggest mistake was calling the patrol helicopter out of my tower, when running open field I caused great damage and death to different players, I am very sorry I would like to try to help them as usual, try to play without causing discomfort, this time it was not like that. I apologize to everyone for causing damage and inconvenience. something that if I would like to do is give me 5 minutes to apologize and withdraw from the server. It was a pleasure friends and thank you for the hours you allowed me to play on your server.


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  • Staff

Hey hc4stillo,

We appreciate your ability to admit your wrongdoings in the situation and accept your apology. We don't wish to see you play elsewhere permanently however. Your ban is for 25 days and will Expire on 6/5/2021 at 8:00PM EST, with that being said, I do hope you've actually learned from this situation and we look forward to your return to our Community once it does expire.


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Also banned HaRcon. Hc4stillo's other account. He was going through and redoing things to make sure he has access on this account. HaRcon was not in a team, but still had TC access and was removing things that were Hc4's.



**One image has been redacted

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I am honest and I admit it was me from my son's account, which explained to him how to enjoy all the benefits that being a VIP offers (that I buy today), I asked my creeboto friend for help to play better with him, I do not try to evade nothing.

it doesn't make sense if I have all the DLC and Net Worth in my main account, Hc4stillo "DonGAs" (the crazy PJs) now my son won't be able to play too ... thanks I'm not a bad player, by a mistake I'm crucified, yes they will only put in a balance how much I contribute to the servers and the good that I do to the community would be more fair. 3 days I would like them but 25 wow !!! come on for god.


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I miss playing with this wonderful community, the days go by forever, it's fun to sell fuel and help the new ones.

I give you my word that something like this will not happen again, I learned my lesson, I have a great time playing with you. I just want to play with my friends and family again but on that server. I want to make amends for my mistake.

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  • Staff

Adding qtrunki to ban. New account created by hc4stillo to bypass the original ban, which is now being moved from 25 days to permanent.

New account created 2 days ago

-Joins up with hc4stillo original teammate

-Has access to all of hc4stillo and HaRcon builds left on server

-Building the IDENTICAL 1x1 LGF stores that hc4stillo built all over the map.



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