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Banned US Survival: Solenya

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I would encourage an admins to check the time stamps for when I was accused of hiding behind another person's base. To further discount these claims, I died inside of the gas station 3 or 4 times and saw people complaining about others using other bases as cover. I did not intentionally use another person's base as cover. 

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Hi there Solenya, I'm Blue-Steel and will be handling your appeal. Your combat log shows you actively attacking the Patrol Heli, with that being said, doing so while moving around other players bases can be a form of griefing and is against server rules.

Rest assured though, it is not a permanent ban, simply a 3 day ban and will expire on 5/14/21 at 10:02PM EST and we look forward to your return to our Community and hope you've learned from the experience.




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I only see the heli hitting me in this combat log and it really seems like the picture of me by the gas station in the background proves my point.

There seems to be a fine line between collateral damage and griefing. Most of my time spent fighting the heli was within the gas station.

hypothetical scenario: You are running amongst the many houses in the early morning hours wearing a rad suit and holding an AK, you're using the AK's flashlight to see. Heli shoots at you and hits another building while shooting at you. You weren't even trying to engage it, but it hit you and some other people's bases. Is this griefing? No, there is no intent and it's an unfortunate accident. 

my situation: Heli shot at me and hit some buildings that were in it's line of sight. I was engaging it and most of the time was spent within the gas station. The ones accusing me failed to establish any intent, because there was none. 

I am sorry if bases were inadvertently damaged and I have no problem paying the owners for the damages. 

I would strongly recommend doing your due diligence, and proving that I deliberately caused the destruction of multiple bases (as that is what I was accused of). Thank you for responding. 

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The log also clearly shows you attacking the Heli 8 times, we are not saying you deliberately caused damage to other players bases, however you did so after an Admin had said in chat to not make contact with the Heli while moving around other players bases. Had we thought you deliberately griefed other players bases with Heli damage, the ban wouldn't be only 3 days. I appreciate your offer to reimburse the players as that would be the right thing to do, but I also don't appreciate you assuming we do not do our due diligence before acting. The 3 day ban will remain and we hope to see your return to the community once it Expires on 5/14/2021 at 10:02PM EST.

Have a good day.

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