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I got banned for "language" on Server 3

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I was playing on the community tab RustEZ 3 and I was buying from a vending machine and didn't say a word when I got banned for language by auto-ban. all I had said previously was that i needed help traveling to water treatment. is that "language" somehow? If so I understand 🙂 I just play on RustEZ because its a good server and has a good community.

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Hello ShaskiGune.

I have reviewed your ban appeal and looked into the situation that resulted in you being autobanned. As you know we have a great community and the RustEZ owner and staff work diligently to keep our servers and community great and a safe playing space for all. You wrote a homophobic slur on a note... One which I will not repeat here. Please know that homophobia of any kind is not tolerated, welcome or condoned on any of our servers. 

Your ban will not be lifted. I hope you find another server that is more suited to your playstyle. 

- Northstarz

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