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Banned AU Pure - jxez (3 days)

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Offender: jxez (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: AU Pure
Time: 11:23pm AEST
Length: 3 days
Reason: Theft & making up stories to admin
More Info: Player went into another players base and accused them of stealing from them. Player had HQ car parts and said they were from an airdrop which is impossible - this was a personal drop and they do not give HQ parts. Player constantly lied to admin on what happened and all reasons, while not able to be completely confirmed either way - all explanations did not add up with known server behavior. 

He told another admin:

1. he didn't go into known players base (spoke to player and confirmed this was incorrect)
2. That he got the high quality car parts from a supply drop
3. that he got them from a purple smoke supply drop that he didn't throw

He was given ample opportunity to come clean, we heard the story from his side of things as he wanted. We said after an hour, there is no way you would have all these high quality car parts. We explained that the car parts (crankshaft, etc) do not appear in supply drops ever, that the only way he would've had them legitimately is by researching them on a Tier 3 Workbench and crafting them. He was still adamant that he got them out of someone else's personal supply drop. Clearly a lie. Thus, he was 3 day banned.

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