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iamnothandsome Banned US Scourge

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Offender: iamnothandsome (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: US Scourge
Time: 2:06 PM EST
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Publicly viewable pornography, publicly viewable political figures, ignoring warnings on excessive building

More Info (Optional):
Player already had multiple warnings on account, and been given multiple chances to review the server rules and ask questions as necessary. It should be noted that there is a language barrier. Their teammate was present at most interactions, and I did my best to answer any and all questions, and always recommended they look over the server rules and ask questions as necessary.

First warning 04/14/2021 was for theft, then a PSA on 04/14/2021 for excessive lighting and how to reduce it. Then another warning for theft on 04/15/2021 , followed by another PSA on 05/07/2021 by another admin for excessive land claiming with tool cupboards and foundations, reminding them they had 24 hours to use what they had claimed. After this warning, on 05/09/2021 I verbally discussed with player and their teammate explaining what was excessive, and that it was negatively impacting other player's experience. I explained they had to reduce their land claims, and to use what they had claimed.

Following this, they were warned by another admin on 05/10/2021 for excessive builds.  I verbally explained to their teammate on 05/10/2021 about the issues their builds were causing, as well as steps to take to reduce the builds (by at least half in size overall), and the lag from lights (reduce base size, add switches or a daylight sensor.) 

The permanent ban today was for publicly viewable pornography and political figures, as well as ignoring warnings on excessive building. Player expanded their main base to add an 'adult' art gallery with multiple signs of a pornographic nature, as well as covering the outside entrance with pictures of political signs. At this point, I placed the permanent ban, as the player has been given multiple opportunities and reminders to look over the rules and ask questions if they needed clarification.

For reference, I am posting pictures of the build (with signs off.) Almost all exterior pictures were of a political nature, and almost all the interior ones were of a pornographic nature. Player had also added Christmas lights, and turned their outside lights back on (had previously been turned off), when they had previously been instructed to add a daylight sensor to outside lights, or switch them off when not online.


Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 2.19.14 PM (2).png

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 2.37.36 PM (2).png

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Banned their alternate account aaronforreal (Battlemetrics) (Steam). Player made a new Steam account to attempt to bypass this permanent ban. Steam profile picture also features the Chinese president, showing that player has still not taken the time to orient and familiarize themselves with our server rules, and one of the reasons for their ban (no politics or political figures.)

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