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appealing ban while i had no access to my account

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On Wednesday I had mistakenly clicked and gave my information to my steam for a giveaway resulting in my steam account being taken from me and hundreds of dollars being lost. the ban is for racism and i am not a racist in the very least. I'm just trying to get back to playing my favorite server. 

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Thank you for appealing. Please note that racism is not tolerated in any way, shape, or form on RustEZ servers and in the RustEZ community.

Prior to this ban, there were already multiple warnings on your account. 01/25/2021 for stealing, 02/09/2021 for stealing and griefing, 02/22/2021 for using racist language and circumventing the chat filter, 02/27/2021 for player disrespect and harassment. You also received PSAs on 03/13/2021 requesting you not set up a scam shop, and 03/17/2021 requesting you not use racially insensitive terminology in chat, as well on 04/21/2021 requesting you not impersonate admins.


What was said on your account was incredibly racist in nature, and due to the sensitivity of the subject, I will not paste the message here, but only the timestamp of the message.

9:53 PM 05/12/2021 Enforcer: REDACTED

Right after this message, I placed the permanent ban for racism.

With the current cancel culture in the world, racism in the entertainment industry is being closely scrutinized.  While we do understand that it still heavily permeates music, comedy, movies, and other media, it is something we do not feel is appropriate to have in our servers.

Here are resources that you can explore to learn more:

The rules are clearly stated on the server splash page, on the website, and in /rules in-game.

● No raiding, griefing or looting of any kind.
● No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, politics, racism or harassment.
● No camping loot rooms, monuments or any highly concentrated areas.
● You may build in caves but you must ensure safe passage for other players.
● No blocking water ways, building around monuments or large areas of unused land.

Through your own actions, you have shown a repeated pattern of a complete disregard for our rules, admins, and for other players. 

However, the permanent ban for racism is a separate issue. You are responsible for what happens on your account. The permanent ban is for the racist message as shown above, and the ban will not be lifted.

I encourage you to explore the above links and to reflect on what has happened. I wish you the best of luck in the future, and hope that you can find a server that better suits your playstyle.


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