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Si eres un buen jugador y disfrutas jugar con tu familia y un grupo de amigos, si te recomendaría estos servidores, pero ten en cuenta algo muy importante, si compras VIP o te Suscripción.

Al primer error te pueden Banear solo a consideración de como este de animo los administradores.

No importa cuando dinero y tiempo inviertas aprendiendo y ayudando a los demás jugadores. al parecer eso no cuenta en absoluto.

dejo este post para que los demás, entiendan que las situaciones no son vista desde un punto imparcial.
Mi error lo reconocí, intente que mi hijo jugara con su cuenta en sus servidores y fue mal visto ("evasión" me disculpe) me resigne a esperar...

hoy me anuncia baneado permanentemente (algo de crear una cuenta nueva) no, amigos estoy jugando Warzone mientras pasaban los días, creo que pasar tips de como mejorar  es mal visto, no les agrada que otro jugador se una a mi equipo original y goce de la compra que hice.

Respeto su decisión pero es decepcionante, cada acción tomada en contra de un jugador de los buenos ( sin hack, cooperador, etc)

Adjunto las compras hechas en paypal como demostración que si me importaba jugar en sus servidores.

No dejen morir este juegos con sus decisiones apresuradas chicos.


Take note

If you are a good player and you enjoy playing with your family and a group of friends, I would recommend these servers, but bear in mind something very important, if you buy VIP or you Subscription.

At the first error you can be banned only considering how the administrators are in the mood.

It doesn't matter how much money and time you spend learning and helping other players. apparently that doesn't count at all.

I leave this post so that others understand that situations are not seen from an impartial point of view.
I recognized my mistake, I tried to get my son to play with his account on his servers and it was frowned upon (evacion excuse me) I resigned myself to waiting ...

Today he announces me permanently banned (something to create a new account) no friends I'm playing Warzone as the days went by, I think passing tips on how to improve is frowned upon, they don't like it when another player joins my original team and enjoys the purchase I made.

I respect your decision but it is disappointing, every action taken against a good player (no hack, cooperator, etc)

I enclose the purchases made in paypal as a demonstration that I did care to play on their servers.

Don't let this games die with your hasty decisions guys.






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Are thinking you're supposed to get an exemption from being banned if you make purchases on the RustEZ website?

You got punished by your bad actions, got a non-permanent ban because of your good actions. They spared you, and somehow you think you deserve to get the items you paid for on a server you were banned. In my opinion if you are banned you shouldn't have access to what you buy. Facepunch, if they give you an account ban you would lose all the skins for the game. It's pretty much the same idea here.

You are technically evading a ban, the others got banned by association if it's true, your son only started playing Rust when you got banned? Somehow buys a second account when his account also got banned? You can't family share the game anymore so technically you bought 2 copies of the game for your son without realizing it? 

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It is correct, I was punished for a misleading or bad action, which was detailed in my appeal attempt, which I accepted and apologized.

I fully agree, not to enjoy the benefits or items that I buy, I had resigned after they closed the previous post.

my second mistake was trying to get my son if he could enjoy those benefits, in my account (hc4stillo) I had 4 million net worth that I achieved with a lot of effort, as well as a lot of DLC to improve the experience of the game.

It makes no sense to me to start playing with another account from scratch ... you know how long it takes to get all those resources and techniques and then sell on the black market and exchange them for "credits" for many hours.

I've been reading carefully the reason for getting banned permanently and it doesn't make sense, starting everything from scratch in another account, it's crazy.

As it is possible that another player who joins my team and is given the permissions of the TCs is already linked to my account, the reasons in my opinion have no weight, I am in a group of discords who share advice, pass a photo and videos of my tutorials. If someone does the same, am I also guilty just for replicating a building?

No friend, my son did not start Rust just when I was banned, it was much earlier but I did not understand it very well, I think you can see in the images of the previous post that was bought in February.

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a twig base got destroyed and a player died. that should not be a 25 day ban. 
the base should have been armored if they are concerned about the lively hood of their base.
and the first revive is free, so how much damage did he really inflict?
hc apologized in global chat and offered to repair and to fix anything that was damaged. how could he possibly make anything right if he was exiled immediately.
the player that complained and got hc banned told me out of his mouth he will never buy anything from the rust Ez store.
he gives no support for the server. Yet they ban someone who is willing to use his hard earned money towards non tangible virtual items that disappear every month. 

the ban was too severe, three days would have sufficed. but 25 days and now a perm ban is way too extreme. 
HC has been apart the community longer than i have and has been nothing but stellar towards me and my comrades since day 1.
the guy just wants to play rust with his friends on the server he called home. cut him some slack, we are only human what happened to being kind?
if i was an admin i would have never banned, i would have made hc fix what was damaged and give him a fair warning to not do it again. 
He didnt even get a chance to make things right, which upsets me.
Theirs are players who grief other players pump jacks and they dont even get a slap on the wrist.
Mistakes were made but the consequences seem were way too severe, don't you think? 
this honestly broke my heart 💔. Give the man a break we all make mistakes. 
everyone has. But we learn from them and move forward.

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There is no obligation to buy items to play on the RustEZ servers. Saying a player will never buy something doesn't make them any less in my book thant someone who spends an excessive amount of money and thinks they can break the rules and get away with it.

I honestly don't know why someone would spend in excess of $270 per month. The airdrops are not really good on RustEZ servers, unless they were changed the past month, the default airdrops are better then the personal airdrops. If he is buying that many pumpjacks maybe he is  partly responsible for some of the pump jack farms that cause lag. It might help other players not get lagged out if it is the case?

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  • Staff

Showing how much you've paid doesn't show you care about the server. You showed how much you cared when you used your sons account to circumvent your ban, which was not permanent and only had to be served out before you could return.

I'm locking this thread as it is not a discussion to be had here. If you wish to speak about the matter further, you can contact me directly and we can discuss it. 

Thank you

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