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banned AU Scourge: Ghost

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Offender: Name; Ghost (Steam) (battlemetrics)

Server: AU Scourge Time: 1:53pm

Timestamp of ban Length: 3  days.

 Reason: griefing staff and players disrespect multiable warns given.

More Info: Another player was in chat saying this player was trying to “steal his car”, went over and confirmand. Player tried to lie about it. Car returned; warning was given. Player was called out in chat for trying to steal vehicle again, teleport over to find player trying to push vehicle into wall in an attempt to damage vehicle to get lock off. Was told to stop in voice and in chat, didn't listen. Teleported player away from vehicle gave “last warning before ban” They then ran to their base where they had drawn on a large wooden sign “ADMINS ❤️ D#CK” At this point they got Banned for three days.

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