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Banned from Pure PvE: B

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I was auto banned for writing in my note for my car key "skeet skeet gang gang n***a" just referencing a line from the movie Borat as a joke for my flatmate who is my teammate ingame ID: TheFazza, we are both huge fans of the movie. This is kind of stupid as its my own car key but I understand why it was flagged by the system.


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rephrasing appeal adding more info
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  • Staff

Hi Twitchy,

Thank you for using the appeal process.

I have reviewed what happened, and am aware that you spoke to Frit0.

Racism in any form is not acceptable on any of the EZ servers, or even in real life. I understand that what you wrote was a reference from a movie, but that still does not dimish the fact that some words are hurtful, and thus why we enforce such rules.

That being said, I am prepared to reduce your ban from permanent to 3 days. Please take understand that this is your final warning. Breaking our rules again will result in the permanent ban being reinstated. Please take the ensuing time to review our community rules (same for all servers), and reflect on the impacts of racism in society.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in the server in 3 days.

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