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Not sure why I was banned. It said it was for language, but I never said anything bad. Would like to see chat logs if possible. Kyuss banned me permanently for language and I really have no idea as to why. I feel like people just didn't like me on the server so I was banned for that reason. Never said anything offensive, harassing, racist, sexist, or anything derogatory towards anyone and I always followed the rules. Please atleast tell me why I was banned I would like to appeal it and at the very least get it reduced if not removed entirely. @kyuss

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You have previous warnings for language and topics not suitable on our server. yet you continue to put things like this into global chat.


9:41 PM

James: i only eat big ass

9:41 PM

James: that is blck

9:41 PM

James: rim job machine


i will reduce your ban to 24 hours, this is your final warning, any infraction after this point is a permanent ban

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