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US Pure 7 Day Ban - Kyzie

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Offender: Kyzie      BattleMetrics       Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 3:16 am (est)
Length: 7 Days
Reason: Accessing inventories after warnings.
More Info (Optional): After witnessing the player gain entry into a players base through a base exploit I immediately issued them a console warning. After noticing that they still were opening boxes/stealing things inside the players base I became visible and spoke to them one on one and explained our rules and regulations. I then made it a point to re-explain the rules to the players they were with with Kyzie present as well. I went over our stance  on entering bases through exploit, stealing, player harassment,  griefing,  Admin/Player disrespect. within 5 mins the player again accessed a sleepers inventory. Given the fact that the player was console warned, verbally warned 2x and clearly understood the rules when I was talking to them I have banned them for 7 days.

I made it only 7 days as the player is new to rust and still have a group on the server. I wanted to give the player an opportunity to continue to play with the players they joined with. Hopefully when they re-join they have had enough time to go over and understand our rules and policies and become a great member of our community.







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