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Offender: HET_UCHIHA         BattleMetrics         Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 4:07am (est)
Length: Permanent 
Reason: entering base through exploits/stealing.
More Info (Optional): This player along with his team was first console warned after they entered a base through base exploits. Multiple PSA's were given out and as I saw the team and HET_UCHIHA was a new player I went and had a talk to them and explained the rules and policies. HET_UCHIHA acknowledged the rules and even asked in chat some questions which I was happy to answer and inform. After already getting 1 console warning and 1 verbal warning to not enter bases. Not to harass other players and not to loot sleepers and against player/admin disrespect.

After a teammate got a temp. ban it was explained it was only a 7 day to which HET_UCHIHA relayed a msg/name to me in another language and was explained that we arent here to make the rules only uphold them.

HET_UCHIHA teammates logged off...HET_UCHIHA chose to enter a players base through exploit and raid the players base. The player was previously warned against that behavior and gameplay. HET_UCHIHA accessed multiple sleepers inventories and made a choice to disregard the rules, My warnings, multiple PSA's and knowing his friend got banned for that very behavior still decided to break RustEZ's rules and policies thus earning him a permanent ban from our servers.











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unban me : <  

Dear admin northstarz,

I would like to present my thoughts on my ban as well as my friend kyzie's ban.

It was our first day ever playing the game rust. The game does not have a tutorial or anything which is why we decided to join rustez server in first place to learn how to PVE.

1.After joining  kyzie did enter a base without being aware of the fact that it was a base. He assumed that it was a monument or something. The rule was broken unintentionally.

2. The fact that you appeared from no where and started explaining  kyzie about the rule which he broke. I appreciate the effort but you started speaking without listening to what he had to say was rude. Not gonna lie but for a moment we thought we are getting trolled by some kid who is hacking or cheating in rust.

3. At first he was the ONLY one who ever entered the place and stole something which he didnt even knew how to utilize it. WHY did we all (4 other people) received a warning instead of just him? We were not even aware of what he is doing. Infact, we never stole something from that so called base. 

4. The fact that you really care for the server and rules, i appreciate it and respect it. : >

5. I request you to reduce my ban to 7 days or else give a perm ban to kyzie as well. We did the same crime so our sentence should be the same as well! 



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I appreciate and do understand the fact that you are new to the game and server. That is why I spoke to you all as a group after I spoke to your friend. and went to great lengths to ensure you understood our rules and policies. Kyzie's ban and ban appeal has nothing to do with yours or yours with his. 

You were given a permanent ban because as I also stated in your ban report...You were issued a console warning which also included a way for you to find and see the rules of the server by typing /rules in chat. I also explained this to you in person. After I spoke to you I asked if you have any questions whatsoever that I could better answer for you. I also said you could ask in general chat questions you may  have as the community is a great one that is very helpful. 

Your Ban was issued after you received a console warning. After you were spoken to by me personally. After you called me over to ask questions to which I answered. During that time you also decided to call me a name/word in a different language to which I didn't understand...Please do understand that as admins we do have thick skin but any form of admin disrespect and abuse will not be tolerated. 

After all your warnings verbal and otherwise and after multiple PSA's were put out. You made a choice to go into a players base...the same one that you were warned from accessing and the very same one that we all spoke at and you were told to leave that base. Instead after your friends logged off you went back to enter that base through base exploits (open roof/window) which is not allowed if the base is not yours and you are not invited in. That is why you were given a permanent ban.

Players do not dictate the length of ban that is given to themselves or others.

Admins hand out bans on a case by case basis and I am sorry to say at this time your ban will not be lifted.

I truly hope you find a server that is more suited to your playstyle and what you are looking for. 

- Northstarz


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