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US Pure Ban - BGB Pork

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Offender: BGB Pork        BattleMetrics       Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 3:07am (est)
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Base Raiding/Griefing
More Info (Optional):  BGB Pork was witnessed by another admin entering another players base through a base exploit and authorized on the players TC, took the players workbench, tool cupboard, boxes, furnace, and anything else he was able to remove with a building hammer. lots of other items he stole he dumped on the ground in order for them to despawn. 

BGB Pork was issued a Console warning from another admin for base raiding and griefing and informed of the servers rules and policies. 

Shortly after BGB Pork was issued the console warning for the base he griefed and raided I witnessed him entering another players base through a base exploit.  I became visible and had a verbal talk with him to which he informed me he didn't have a mic but could in fact hear and understand me.

I explained in great detail the rules against entering bases that didn't belong to him and explained that entering bases that weren't his and taking items was against the rules and a bannable offence. I told him he was already issued with a console warning and in that warning it was also stressed to him that what he did (base raiding & stealing/griefing) is a bannable offence. I told them that I wanted them to be a part of our community and hope that they play within our rules and not doing so will result in me being forced to ban him from our wonderful servers. He understood and left that players base after I requested him to do so.

After he left I noticed he went straight towards another players base and was trying to get into the base.  BGB Pork saw a way to parkour his way on top of the base and get in through an unlocked/open garage door.

He changed the code lock on the garage door that was accidently left unlocked by the owner. He then proceeded to steal from the players boxes, bbq and other deployables. BGB Pork left the base to chop wood in order to make a TC and placed the Tool cupboard down in order to claim the players base and items. 

BGB Pork was given multiple opportunities and chances by 2 different admins and clearly understood that stealing and base raiding/griefing was wrong, against the rules and if he did so again he would be banned. He made the decision to disregard any attempts to get them to play within RustEZ's rules and policies. So a permanent ban was issued.











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