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Thoughts On adding PVP


PVP zones   

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  1. 1. Do you think adding pvp zones will make the server more fun

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    • NO
  2. 2. Do you think adding pvp zones will make the server toxic

    • YES
    • NO

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I think some sort of pvp should be added to the servers because it makes it more fun. The number of shops and structures built on the server makes it  laggy so adding some for raiding and pvp should reduce the that number reducing lag. Also whats the point of having 40k scrap and able to buy all the guns I need without being able to loose it to another player who has nothing through pvp. 

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We are PVE servers.  Not PvPvE. 
We did have  a PvPvE server in the past. (Casual) It didn't seem to weather well with the community. 
We also, for under a day, had a PVP server. (Really, while it was briefly fun, I noticed some unpleasantness fairly quickly.  So, it's a hard pass from me.)

If you really crave a PVP  or a PvPvE server, there are hundreds to choose from. 
It won't be a part of RustEZ for the foreseeable future. Beyond that? Who knows?

I love our community the way it is. 

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Yeah when the community is literally 1000+ people and you can't get 12 on the one PvPvE server we had for a brief time, that's kind of a sign.

Granted during my time on it, it was still an WIP/Experiment.  But we couldn't get enough warm bodies to properly test it.

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I played a bit on the casual server. There were players stretching the rules of the server stretching a few of the rules on team limits etc. Some had non teaming farmers that pretty much farmed their sulfur etc for them. you logged in the first day of raiding to find all the bases including yours raided as there were not many bases and your base was already marked. After a few wipes my friends and I stopped playing on there. Not trying to accuse the admins of anything as they didn't have admin powers on there, but the group that domininated was a group of admins from other RustEZ servers. We put our stuff in hidden stashes in hidden rocks so they didn't get our boom, but we had nothing left to raid ourselves other than their base but they seemed to be online with multiple people during the raidable times

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2 hours ago, aNoNiM said:

I do find the people prefer to raid PVE servers where over 50% of the players don't expect to be raided. If you prefer raiding, lile others have said, there are many PVP servers I think its like 98:1 lol



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I really like the server the way it is.. Wouldn't mind a single (or two maybe) PVP zones.. No mans land basically.

I played on a server several years ago where it was PVE during the week and PVP on the weekends.. I really liked that concept as it gave the working folk a chance to build up during the week and let loose during the weekend. 

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The issue with PVP is, and you can look at any competitive PVP game in proof that, no matter how hard you fight to keep a clean and happy environment, no matter what, if you have people losing and losing items,etc upon. There will always be toxicity because it will be either the guys taunting the people who died or the person who died becoming a massive ball of salt. Also you have people who can barely follow the PVE Aspect and you expect to have them entrusted with PVP areas. hehe. I think it'd be cool if they implemented an area of the map that was something like a Paintball Field or something, where we can engage in PVP but you don't lose any loot on death, but you can make duel bets with players prior but even that would probably get abused and griefed.

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no, nooo, nope, nay! 😅

to even sugest such thing 😑

i remember when for some reason a server had disabled its PVP protection for some reason. 🤨

it turned ugly pretty fast. 🤪

despite admins urges not to kill eachother it turned in to a warzone with in seconds. 🥺

that day i died 5 times within 10 seconds. 😒

so as they say in Sweden "nej" thats not a good idea IMO 😏

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