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3 Suggestions for US Scourge XP Wipes (One or the Other, or something better)

Warlord Ubba

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Wiping mining and wood cutting levels in a modded server is unnecessary, especially with an XP system. 

I propose 1 of three things to fix the massive annoyance (my personal position about the subject) of having to (every third wipe) start all over bonking rocks and nodes for marginal benefit. That is, 1% per level is minimal and marginal.

If you mine 10 stone nodes at level 0 you get 10,000 stone (I think, not totally sure about level 0 loot)
If you mine 10 stone nodes at level 99 you get 19,900 stone. (99% increase at level 99).

To get to level 99, it takes many, many, many, many, many hours of endless node smashing, even with the bone club method.

1. Increase the reward per level for all levels about 50
ex: At level 0-49  you get 1%... At level 50-75 you get +2%... At level 76-99 you get +3%
For a total of 168% boost.

2. Add a Mining and Wood cutting level boost, which costs Net Worth
ex. Red Bull power up that gives you (hypothetical numbers, I don't now the XP levels) +1000 wc and + 1000 mining ex.
ex. Power up for wood cutting as it's own entity, power up for mining as it's own entity (1000 xp each, but separate items).

3. Don't wipe levels in the traditional third rotation way.
People active in the wipe have spent a lot of time (likely big bucks) to grind net worth and play on the server. Their levels could be maintained through the wiping of everything. Every wipe a person doesn't play (or every 2nd wipe) their levels get sent to 0.

The reason for this again, is that it is significantly inconvenient as a grinder on the server to have to do nothing for an entire wipe but grind mining and wood cutting levels. Literally. Sitting at the PC smashing nodes to prepare for another wipe isn't ideal. Hopefully others agree.

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I'm in the boat of either give us a static buff or take it out entirely. But either way, I don't see it as a big deal. It gives people something else to do for awhile. It's already incredibly easy to get materials with the massive stack counts. I don't personally see the need for the buff but think of it as a reward you just have to earn every few months.


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I am in the following boat:
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

Wiping skills every 3 months is reasonable. More than reasonable really. 
Rebuilding levels is simple, use a bone club to bash through the first 20 or so levels. Not a big deal.  The way things are set up have been working for a long time. There's no need to change it. 

But, this is my opinion, and not an official stance.

I fully intend to mute game sounds,  pull on some headphones, and start  embracing my inner-Hulk.. you know.. 


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