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Server Ban Appeal

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Basically I put the name of my own sleeping bag as, Fat N*gga Slump, and the server immediately banned me. I'm a new Player on the server and didn't realize that it cared about our OWN sleeping bags names, so clearly it wont happen again. I'm trying to get it appealed and I think this is how you do it? Id like to play with my friends on there as I have not played Rust in a few months and was trying to start playing again. I was not trying to be racist or anything, considering its my bag and nobody should have access to it. 

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Just felt at hopefully increasing my chance at being unbanned if I helped explain a little more
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Hello and Thanks for submitting an appeal.

While I understand that you are a new member of RustEZ and you have friends on our servers racism of any kind and in any form is not tolerated and is clearly shown in the rules on our join page, website, psa's, when typing /rules in-game and in our discord.  I understand that you were naming your own sleeping bag but that doesn't diminish the fact that some words are hurtful and not acceptable which is why RustEZ has such strong views and stance on the subject. 

The following are the rules every player is expected to play and adhere by.

● No raiding, griefing or looting of any kind.
● No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, politics, racism or harassment.
● No camping loot rooms, monuments or any highly concentrated areas.
● You may build in caves but you must ensure safe passage for other players.
● No blocking water ways, building around monuments or large areas of unused land.

Here are some resources to better help you understand the severity of the words you use.

Guide to Allyship

The Bias Barrier

Anti-Racism Glossary

Anti-Racism Resources

Please look over the rules and if you have any questions Feel free to reach out to myself or any member of our staff for clarification. I will lift your ban but it be active for another 24 hours. That will give you enough tome to reflect on your actions and ensure it doesn't happen again. I look forward to seeing you online as a rule abiding member soon.

- Northstarz

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