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US Pure Ban - thaokasean

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Offender: thaokasean     BattleMetrics     Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 2:03pm est
Length: Perm.
Reason: Stealing and Base griefing 
More Info (Optional): thaokasean rented a room from a player, gained the players confidence and access to the tc. When the base owner logged off thaokasean started taking everything he was able in the duration the owner was offline.  When the owner logged back on he was distressed to see everything in his chests including the chests were gone, Lockers, vehicles and lift, electrical. Anything that was able to be taken in the duration the owner was oflfine was indeed taken. I was working with the owner to retrieve the items that were missing and issued a console warning to thaokasean  informing them that I will be removing items that were reported stolen and returning it all to its rightful owner. thaokasean ran back to his base and started dumping all kinds of loot in the attempts to what I can only assume is to despawn it and as much evidence as he could. When he noticed the player and base he stole from was offline again he went back to the same base he was stealing from. When I tried talking to the player he ignored me and any attempts at working with me to return items to the owner. He showed no remorse or regard for the player he stole from. 













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