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Hello. I was banned from rustez pure pve for player harassment. It is against the rules to attempt to grief another player, and I'm not sure if bans can be lifted under certain circumstances, or if second chances can be given, but I am here to try and get a second chance. When I was banned from rustez, I was new to the server and honestly didn't read any of the rules. I wasn't planning on playing the server for too long, so I kind of just screwed around for a bit messing with a certain player. It wasn't specifically targeted at her, I just happened  to run by her and started messing with her because I was bored. Afterwards, I was banned without a warning at all. I feel that it was kind of unfair not to have gotten a warning, but it was still against the rules so I guess the ban was still justified. If they admins are willing to give me a second chance, id like to actually continue playing your server, as it was seems like a lot of fun. My in game name is Verrückt. My steam profile is: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198808618982/. If you unban me, I promise to never grief, or be overly toxic again. I know I'm supposed to reply to the ban I got from whoever it was i got banned by, but couldn't find it. The admins name was ''Northstarz''. Thanks for taking your time to read this!

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Your messing around and out of boredom towards the player you targeted made it so she was not only uncomfortable but repeatedly harassed by you. You were given warnings to cease your behavior and leave her alone but you didn't. 

Please keep in mind that our rules are clearly displayed upon joining, in the help center when typing /rules, through multiple PSA's, on our website as well as our discord. 

Here at RustEZ we do believe in second chances. That being said Your ban will be lifted. Please take time to read the rules of the server before joining.

● No raiding, griefing or looting of any kind.
● No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, politics, racism or harassment.
● No camping loot rooms, monuments or any highly concentrated areas.
● You may build in caves but you must ensure safe passage for other players.
● No blocking water ways, building around monuments or large areas of unused land.

Let me be perfectly clear. Our servers are monitored closely and they are popular as they are because of the wonderful community of players that play within them. If you break any of the server rules your ban will be reinstated and will be made permanent.

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