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Threatened with ban: based on lies

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On US Scourge, GravityCupcake and Lazy Lion checked out my airdrop (right against my house wall) finding it locked and hearing me inside, they shouted out that I missed it. I didn't reply, so they started shooting me on the roof. When I jumped down, GravityCupcake laughed at my objections, emptied a clip into my face while I'm standingf 10 feet from my house, and told me he could do whatever he wanted because it didn't hurt anyone. Lazy Lion was not a driving force in the conversation, but still participated in the jeering, later apologizing for the way he conducted himself.

I had planned on ignoring them - this IS rust after all, and maturity can be, uh, "challenging" to find at times. When I returned to my roof, There were rockets fired at me, striking the roof just below me. They came from these two, but I cannot be certain which one launched them.

Shortly after the assault, I get a giant warning message on my screen from Alexanightfire about using homophobic slurs - which actually startled me more than anything. I am not known to conduct myself in such a juvenile manner, and I was caught off guard by the accusation that was blindly accepted by the admin.

When she approached me afterwards, I learned these two are "friends" or rather "long term" players.... who would have known exactly what to say, to promote a permanent ban.


The combatlog or other server tools, would back up everything I am suggesting happened. Their attempt to get me banned has me quite concerned. I have spent good money on this server, and now I am hesitant to spend more if everything I work for can be "taken away" via a permanent ban, as a result of sheer lies and unproven heresay? How can I (or any other player) protect themselves from this type of situation? Thank you

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Hello there, 

This situation has been handled in-game and I assure you that all appropriate actions have been taken in accordance with server rules and policies. I took the better part of two hours to check all of the combat logs, and talk with each player involved, including a witness. If you would like, I have no problems having another conversation with you about the situation and about the server rules.

Warnings were given out appropriately, after reviewing the logs and discussing the situation with another admin who was present.  There is a chance that you misinterpreted some of what I said, which is that the two other players involved are friends with each other, and are long-term players on the server. This was a precursor to me explaining that, despite the fact that they are long-term players, I would not ban based on word-of-mouth that a homophobic slur was used. I then explained that, had there been actual evidence of it in the logs, it would have been an immediate permanent ban, in accordance with our policies. I also explained that homophobia was mentioned in the warning to make you aware that there is a zero-tolerance policy on our servers for such language, and if you did homophobic slurs in the future, it would result in a permanent ban. The warning was for player disrespect and homophobia, as you had contributed to the escalation of this unfortunate scenario by being disrespectful to the other players.

I hope this clears up any confusion in this matter.




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The confusion will remain, as long as the belief is held, that

1. I started a problem on the server,

2. I used any form of homophobic slur

3. I was "disrespectful to the other players"

I was attacked. Not the other way around. Stop listening to me. Stop listening to them. Listen to the server log. There is actual evidence of what really happened.

That is it. That is where my confusion exists. I did NOT initiate any drama, but I DID protest being shot at. repeatedly. a full clip. I did NOT use any homophobic term whatsoever, and find that particular accusation extremely offensive under the circumstances. 

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  • Staff

RustEZ staff has reviewed this incident. Had there been solid evidence, and not merely hearsay, of a slur being used, you would have been banned.  So that eliminates #2.
To address #1 and #3, this should have been left in the hands of the server admin. If you are having difficulties with other players,  alert the staff and allow them to investigate to make determinations based on their own observations and logs. 

Sometimes this player or that one just do not get along. That's okay, nothing says you have to do so. But for the sake of your own sanity, comfort, and yes, reputation, do not engage. Let the staff do what needs done.

I hope this helps to sort things for you. We are sorry you experienced  anything stressful.


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