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Banned AU Pure - 1989 R32 Vspec II (3 days)

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Offender: 1989 R32 Vspec II (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: AU Pure
Time: 7:40 pm AEST
Length: 3 days
Reason: Stealing a car / trying to run the owner over / general harassment and bad behaviour
More Info: Admin was called as 2 players (Vspec and his mate) were stealing the players car. Was trying to run the owner of the car over and generally being toxic in chat. TP'd out of car and they jumped straight back in and started again. Kicked player - logged back in and was generally rude in voice chat to players and admins - laughed when told to read the rules. Generally not wanting to play by the rules and respect the players or community.

Given a 3-day ban at this stage (1st infraction).

Note: This players mate stayed back and did not talk during the admin interactions so was not issued a ban at this time.

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