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A suggestion for Garrisons

Lady Doot

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Hey all, I'm from the US Scourge server! It's my first time making a post here, so I'll try to be as detailed and clear as I can, apologies if I'm not.


An issue that seems to always be around is with the Garrisons. There is always an argument about people trying to hop in and nab loot, who got there first and 'claimed' the raid, or with people having small teleportation spots near the garrison locations. 


I would like to make a few suggestions that could help lessen the complaints, or get rid of them all together.


1. Garrisons have hidden locations - Players have to find them! 

This can help with teleportation bases all around the 5 or 6 areas that garrison spawns. The garrison will be announced, saying that you will have to figure out where on the map it is. I believe it will allows people who usually cannot get there in time a chance at least. It can also encourage teamwork! "Hey, I saw the base over at x,x if anyone is interested!" With this addition, garrison spawn points would have to be widened to include inland locations, otherwise if it is the same spots that they always pop up at, there seems to be no point to it. 

2. Allow players to submit their own Garrison designs.

I know that I would enjoy a new take on the garrisons. The ones that do them constantly understand which direction to go every time, using the least amount of explosives going the same path. With allowing player built garrisons, the admins or the community could vote together on which ones they would like to see for the wipe! There can be rules on how many foundations it has to be, and a limit on traps, which could force people to be more creative with it. With different garrison designs created by our own community, I believe it can add in a new challenge, as well as a great way to bring our creativity out and excite people to search for these bases to see what players are capable of building. 

3. Lower the HQM reward for Garrisons.

To go through a stone garrison doesn't take many explosives, and when you do go through, you get a whooping 5k HQM! It is the same across all the other types of material (except for HQM, seeing as if you take a while to get through, the base eats up some HQM to sustain itself). I would like to suggest lowering the HQM for ALL of the garrisons. This is a big reason that there are arguments about it, people fighting to get there first, and trying to claim they stuck some C4 somewhere so they deserve half the HQM. Making the main loot inside of the Garrison be within boxes, the elite crates, and hidden within parts of the garrison players normally don't go would encourage more explosives to be used, a more tactical plan on how to go through the base, and not a huge emphasis on getting it down fast to nab the HQM and dip. I do not have any recommendations on how low to set the HQM, but I know that 5k HQM for a stone or even metal garrison is way too much imo. 


I believe that is all that I have for suggestions, feel free to add your own as well, and let me know what you guys think!

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