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US Pure Ban - Saltxy

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Offender: Saltxy      BattleMetrics       Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 2:07pm est
Length: Permanent
Reason: Admin disrespect/Stealing
More Info (Optional): Saltxy joined the server and the first things they decided to put in chat was a sexual invitation. In VC the player was being derogatory, sexist and inappropriate and was issued with a Console warning. In that warning he was informed of our chat rules and warned against harassment, disrespect, stealing and informed they can type /rules in chat for the rules they need to abide by in order to remain on our servers.

About a minute after they got the warning they followed a player inside of his base. Saltxy accessed the players chests and TC and took everything he could then ran away. He also took Supply signals from the player and tossed them just after he quickly erected a small base made up from the stolen goods he just pilfered. 

When I popped in to speak with him I informed him i would be taking the items from the supply signals and he started calling me names and yelling at me to give his stuff back to which I was telling him it wasnt his...he was screaming obscenities at me in chat and being extremely rude and disrespectful resulting in a permanent ban from our servers.


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