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my brother his acount is band fore thinking its my acount ?

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the acount you ban is not myn its from my brother

he was playing on the server i schow him how to play en build he cant type ore speak english so i have to help him i can type litel english

so iceman1980 was band yes but this is not the same steam acount its my brother acount so way you band him fore ? he have nothing te do with iceman his acount so you band him fore the same reason ?? thinking its him ??

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Link back to the player's first ban appeal, which was rejected. https://rustez.com/forums/topic/4444-unban-me-pleas/

Once again, the ban will not be lifted. We have a zero tolerance policy for racism on RustEZ servers, and in our Discord, and on the forum. I was alerted to the fact that you had returned to play on our servers under a different Steam profile when you made the following comments in Discord:



Once a player has been banned, they are not permitted to return to play on our servers under a different Steam account, as this is ban evasion. There is zero doubt in my mind that both Iceman-1980 and liptonman are your accounts.

I encourage you to reflect on your choice of words, your past actions, and wish you the best of luck in finding a server to play on that best suits your play style.


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my brother have a physical disability so i have to help him en he live with me sins we dont have parents no more end he like the server pleas let him be unband en let him have fun in his life pleas un band him if you want i send you photo of us so you can se he have noting te do with my band

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Once again, ban will not be lifted. A banned player is not allowed to return in any way, shape, or forms on our servers. In the Discord help message, you clearly stated "sombody take my boat" not "Somebody has taken my brother's boat."



42 minutes ago, liptonman said:

the discord name have noting te do with steam id his player name is liptonman en i have to talk fore him he cant speak english so i help him you band him fore no reason on this acount today


You stated here that you "have to talk fore him he cant speak english" This means you have been on this account, chatting in-game, as the newly banned liptonman account has been been speaking a fair amount of English in chat in-game. Banned players are not allowed to return to play or chat in-game.

This thread will now be locked. I trust that you will find a server that you can play on and enjoy.


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