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sutton1765 Banned US Pure

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Offender: sutton1765  Steam ID  BM ID
Server: US Pure
Time: 6/7/2021  2:02 PM
Length: Permanent
Reason:  Looting and Inappropriate Sexual Remarks

More Info (optional): Player entered another players base without permission and stole metal ore from their furnace. Immediately after the player left they died to a bear. Once they respawned I confronted them about the theft and attempted to explain the server rules. They kept saying they didn't know what I was talking about, they weren't a thief and they'd never steal from anyone. Once I informed them that I had a log proving that they accessed the players furnace they acknowledged they stole from the player but brushed it off and kept talking over me whenever I tried to go over the server rules. After trying 3 times, I said goodbye with the intention of kicking the player and issuing a warning. They then proceeding to begin begging me not to ban them and tried offering "favors" that I will not repeat. Ban implemented.


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