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Ummm I can't TP which I paid for on my lil bro's acct and I for VIP

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Not sure why I was banned with no forewarning,  75 percent of the playerbase agreed with me on this subject at the time and instead of instituting an intelligent discussion this ADMIN decided to ban me and eliminate the conversation as a DICTATOR would do.. I just want an open discussion that would appease all the players... Not just one that appeases 1 person not caring enough to look into it


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Thank you for appealing your 24 hour mute.

Last night you received first a PSA in chat advising you to move on from the topic at hand, which was getting very heated and causing drama. You continued, at which time I console warned you for player disrespect as you continued the line of chat, instigating the other players, and being disrespectful. This is the warning you received:

"Final warning. Player disrespect is not tolerated on RustEZ servers. It is time to move on in chat or you will be muted for 24 hours. Please review the server rules. Thank you."

Today, when you logged on, you continued a similar line of discussion, about the P2W aspect of the server. The mute was actually implemented after the following comments in chat, which were referencing and making light of pedophilia and child molestation, which is completely unacceptable:


3:33 AM TickledPickle: At the same time kids pay to keep the lights on hehehehe

3:33 AM TickledPickle: And a handful of dedicated players salute to them

3:34 AM TickledPickle: anyone mind letting me TP to next NPC? I got plenty of boom

3:34 AM TickledPickle: lol

3:34 AM TickledPickle: true

3:34 AM TickledPickle: they fund the world w/o knowing

3:35 AM TickledPickle: back in my day there were no busses, just vans with no windows.. they came with free candy and rides

3:35 AM PLAYER 1: my uncle had one of the,

3:35 AM PLAYER 1: m

3:35 AM PLAYER 2: did he also have a mustache?

3:35 AM PLAYER 1: yeah

3:35 AM PLAYER 2: did it tickle?

3:35 AM PLAYER 1: y?

3:35 AM TickledPickle: he had a couple moutaches.. if ya know what I mean

3:35 AM TickledPickle: tickled on top and bottom

3:36 AM TickledPickle: was a 1st


At this time, the mute will not be lifted until the 24 hours are up. Actions and words have consequences, and part of them might be limited ability to play the game for a day due to being unable to use chat commands. I trust you will take this time to reflect on what was said in chat, and I will lift the mute once the 24 hours have expired.


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lol all of those without mentioning the subject in chat at the moment, sorry one of the admins doesn't personally like me. I can get over it. I just hope they can as well.  Apparently they don't like humor and solo'd me out in that convo. No big deal no disrespect to anyone, we all know twitch chat can be a little rough around the edges... not all of us all are able to deal with real life jokes, I understand

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  • Staff

This player has had their issue escalated to a full ban in game and in discord.
Details are being kept to staff only.

There will be no tolerance towards any player who feels that they are far enough above the rules the offer threats, veiled or otherwise against anyone, be they staff or not. 
 No further discussion is required in this matter. 


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