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Tower Power – June Build Contest


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  • Staff


We're hosting a new build contest for players on all RustEZ servers. Build an original heli tower and enter to win RustEZ store credits and other in-game prizes for next wipe!

The tower must follow these rules:

  • Be a stand-alone build and not connected to your base.
  • Be fully upgraded to metal + HQM (no twig, wood, or stone).
  • Name your heli tower and place at least one sign with the name on the outside.
  • If your server has decay enabled, the tool cupboard must be stocked to prevent decay until after June 26th.


You may enter only one build. Reply to this forum thread and provide the following by midnight EST (5 am GMT) Thursday, June 24, 2021. Post your entry in advance of your final build so we can follow your progress! Team tower builds are eligible, however only one person from your team can enter the build.

  • Your in-game name
  • The server your contest build entry is on (i.e. AU-Survival, EU-Pure, US-Scourge and so on)
  • The map grid ID location of the build
  •  One screenshot showing the front of the build (Tips for taking full screenshots)
  • Note: Admin entries are judged separately from player entries. Admins may use admin tools for the build.


Finalists will be chosen by staff and participant votes during the build tours event (June 25-26). Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • First Place: $10 RustEZ store credit  + a personal mini Heli Wars event for you and your team/group, at the end of wipe (June 29-30th).
  • Second Place: $5 RustEZ store credit
  • Third Place: 3x Supply signals (for July wipe)
  • Participant's Choice: 3x Supply signals (for July wipe)


Staff will host a "Heli Wars" Build Tour Event on June 25th (and 26th if we need more time). We'll gather in Discord and move around to RustEZ servers to tour the contest builds. If build contest participants are online (and willing) we'll test their tower power and durability while we fight helis (gear and kits provided).

Event servers will be announced in this post and in our Discord prior to start times.  In-game prizes and Steam keys will be handed out to participants during the Event Tours.

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Crows Nest

MATS: HQM, 168 nets


LMAO I just realized this was for a "heli Tower" to fight attack choppers and not a "heli Tower" to just land a heli and pickup gas and stuff.... i'm going to start working on the first. 



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Pinkgirl / team fun loving animals

EU-Scuge pve


It all began with a small group of people, choosing to protect 2 of the largest monoliths of the EU Rustez Scourge Island. Who built a central heli tower to protect them from from damage by attack heli's Zomnbies and the harsh weather. Yet a small band of people could not protect them alone and decisions were made to build The Guardians and entomb the monoliths for their preservation. Now all who choose to fight to keep these historic giants safe against all powers of destruction can do so in the safety of The GUARDIANS



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Your in-game name  -  Lazy Lion

The server your contest build entry is on  -  US-Scourge

The map grid ID location of the build  -  D25

There are many places to run, hide, duck, and crouch behind on this cliff side.  Tried to make a "laser tag" environment and a great way to reuse those Sandbags.  Upper and lower levels for multiple shooters and helis.  Bring your diving tank gear and bob for apples in the ocean. 


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Your in-game name: Mijit (and ty to Elixil for the thumbs up to build and Princess Angie for afk'ing excav for me ❤️)

The server your contest build entry is on: AU-Survival

The map grid ID location of the build: S24/S25

 (More than) one screenshot showing the front of the build: Bone-A-Fied






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  • Staff

We will gather in Discord Lobby 1 for the Build Tours Event (Fri/25 8 pm EST). Everyone is invited to join us! We will server hop as a group to tour the builds, test the durability of the heli towers (gear provided), and vote for our favorites.  During the tour event, participants will have a chance to win Steam keys and EZ store credits for next wipe. 



  • MrPTown "The Crown Tower"  K19
  • meat "The Pacifier" R19


  • Pinkgirl "The GUARDIANS"  x16
  • Admin Build - Cartmon S26


  • Jamtoa "Crows Nest"  i2/i3
  • Arby's "Titan Tower"  E22/F22
  • ruarc "Fly Swatter" Near Admin  Center 
  • Biehnerpack23 "Obsidian Lookout"  I24
  • Lazy Lion "Hydra Heli base" D25
  • Godfather Don'Can "Radioactif" T3
  • Admin Build: AlexaNightfire Off the grid Evenmt area


  • Sgttuggle "Inner Sanctum"  R9
  • BigCountry7467 "The Raptor Pen" W/X5 - W/X6 
  • Ajmerc "The Red Dragon" B13
  • ConMan "The Chonker" E25


  • The Last Master "The Manager's Office" AB22


  • rerolltoo"Short & Sweet" k15/L15
  • Mijit "Bone-A-Fied" S24/S25


  • Vtreka "Havoc House" T6
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  • Staff


Tower Power Build Contest Winners

  • 1st:  The Last Master "The Manager's Office"  (US-Pure AB22)
  • 2nd  Mijit "Bone-A-Fied"  (AU-Survival S24/S25)
  • 3rdMrPTown "The Crown Tower"  (EU-Pure K19)
  • Participant's Choice: Mijit "Bone-A-Fied"  (AU-Survival S24/S25)
  • Admin Build  AlexaNightfire “Ohhh She Thiccc”  (US-Scourge)

Event Tours Prize Winners

  • Steam keys:  Lazy Lion, Gigglez, Angie
  • $5 RustEZ store credits:  ajmerc, Minty Mint, Vtreka, Mijit
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Oh heck yeah!


Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated, either by submitting your beautiful entries, by joining the build tour, or by voting!

I had a ton of fun going around and seeing everyone's different designs and interpretations of their ultimate Heli Tower, and seeing how well they withstood an onslaught of patrol helis!

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