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Ban Pooh Shiesty (US)Pure

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Offender: Pooh Shiesty         Battlemetrics        Steam
Server: (US) Pure
Time: 2:52pm
Length: Perm
Reason: Breaking rules/Ban baiting
More Info (Optional): Banned player for entering players bases and accessing boxes, painting over players signs, gave the player a verbal warning to leave a players base but insisted that it was his because it didn't have a TC and he can overtake it. The the player proceeded to paint over the players signs in the base. I teleported him out of the base because he wasn't leaving and then Pooh Shiesty continued to enter other players bases and accessing their boxes all in while was taking in chat saying stuff like "look admin, I'm in his base, oh I accessed his stuff, look admin I'm entering another base" etc.. Player was ban baiting and disregarding any and all attempts at warning given and correcting his gameplay to play by our rules/policies.   Logs available upon request.

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