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Kagenku & REAPER Banned US Pure

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Offender: Kagenku  Steam ID  BM  &  REAPER  Steam ID  BM
Server: US Pure
Time: 6/13/2021  1:03 PM
Length: Permanent
Reason:  Looting/Greifing/Raiding

More Info (optional): I was called over by another player after a group had given them a lot of items, they were concerned it was stolen and didn't want to have another player's loot. I looked at the loot and the two players that had provided it to him and determined it physically wasn't possible for them to have acclimated the loot they had in the 2 hours and 58 minutes they were on the server. Just then, the two players returned with more loot for the player. I had a chat with them asking how they got the loot, where it came from, how long they'd been on the server and why they were giving it away. They avoided most of my questions but said they were giving it away because "we're going to PvP to be bandits, this has been good practice" I asked them to clarify what they meant by bandits and they said "bandits? who said bandits? no one said bandits" and acted oblivious to what I was talking about.

They continued to bring over loot to the player and then killed themselves before logging. I did some digging and found that they were stealing all of the loot from one of the players neighbors and giving it to the player. Anything they didn't steal, they threw on the ground to despawn. Multiple admins were present for the conversation held with the looters, another helped investigate the player that was looted. After reviewing all the evidence and circumstances, a permanent ban has been placed. These players were not confused or unaware of the server rules and they were not stealing for personal gain; their only goal was to ruin to gameplay of others on the server.








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