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US Pure 7 day Ban - Im Will

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Offender: Im Will         Battlemetrics          Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 9:43am eastern
Length: 7 day
Reason: Stealing/ban baiting
More Info (Optional): I was inforned by a player that Im Will was inside her base and was caught taking items out of her furnace. She requested they just put the items back and instead Im Will ran out of the base.  Im Will was able to enter through  a small opening (base exploit) 

I was called over at that time and accessed the log and saw that Im Will did access it and take items. 

I issued  Im Will a console warning at that time and took the items from the players inventory to give back to the owner. I went to Im Will to have a talk and let him know that the items he took I returned to the player and to make sure he understood the rules and console warning given. 

When I was talking to him I was met with a very dismissive attitude for myself and the rules. He was informed that taking items and entering bases uninvited or through base exploits is against the rules and bannable offence. He laughed and said "It's okay sweetheart" as he started running towards the players base he previously stole from...entered the base again through the exploit and tried stealing from her furnace once more. 

I issued a 7 day ban to Im Will in the hopes he decides to read and abide by the servers rules and policies and return with a better attitude towards staff and other players.





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