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Decay rate and vending machines (US Scourge Only)


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Suggestion: Increase decay rate (too many colossal lag farm bases), and limit 10 vending machines per person for US Scourge.

The server lags constantly from oversized bases/hotels that nobody uses or just take up way too much space with empty rooms, and the map freezes the game for 5-8 seconds when pulled up because the amount of vending machines is horrendous. The first 2 days of wipe the map works flawlessly, but after that it gets progressively more and more resource intensive to open.

The vending machine spam has gotten so bad that the Drone Shop at Outpost/Bandit is almost impossible to use because of how laggy it is due to high amounts of vendors.

We don't need Wal-Marts that spam 50 vendors with literally every item in the game - nobody cares about them and they go unused 80% of the time. If people can't fit important items that others actually buy into 10 machines, then they have bigger issues to deal with.

The base in the second picture is 95% empty space on the interior. It's also my base. Why am I not being punished for excessive spam building?



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