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US-Pure Event: The Horde Sun 6/20/21 at 8:00PM EST


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The Horde

US Pure Admin Team is hosting a Survival Event.

In this event your enemy doesn't sleep, tire or relent. To survive your team must fight with primitive weapons you have or loot. 

Players will be split in two teams at random. Each team will take their turns. The best time will win. When you start you have a spear and minimal items. As you play you can loot items to use in that round. At end of the round when all of the enemies are dead, the survives will be required to "f1 kill" to reset the inventories to keep it fair. In between rounds the arena will be cleaned. Each team will have 2 Rounds to get the best time.

Once the first team starts their 1st round anyone joining will not be able to join either to keep the teams even. The Spectators will be given both front row seats and computer stations to get the best views. We will be doing a free-for-all once the teams are done to insure everyone can play.

What you need: You don't need anything to attend, everything you need will be given to you.

When: Sunday 6/20/21 at 8:00PM EST

Where: US PURE RUSTEZ Server

Prizes: 1st Place team will get 2 Air Drops to the server of your choice. 

The camera codes will be: event1, event2, event3, event4 if you wish to see it and don't want to leave your base.

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