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US Pure 3 Day Ban - DevoidMouse

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Offender: DevoidMouse          Battlemetrics       Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 12:48pm (est)
Length: 3 Day
Reason: Stealing
More Info (Optional): DevoidMouse joined the server and started asking immediately what the point of PVE is. numerous players along with myself explained. I went to the player and watched him while invisible and put out a PSA about stealing/raiding. DevoidMouse asked in chat if he was able to take stuff from a players base that wasnt locked and was informed no. Informws he cannot enter player builds uninvited and i watched him enter a players base anyway and start taking stuff. I informed the player anything opened creates a log with the players name and he still took stuff. He went to a player who was logged out inside the base he was in and started taking and equipping the clothing the other player had. 

When I became visible to talk with him he immediately logged out. He got his hand caught in the cookie jar and I issued a 3 day ban. 

I decided to make it a 3 day because the player is new to the server and although he was informed the rules and not to steal or enter bases I felt 3 days will give the player an opportunity to read and learn the server rules and if he decides to rejoin...Hopefully they do so within RustEZ's rules and policies.

Loot logs available upon request.




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