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How long can you be away before bases despawn?


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Yesterday I went to login to find out I was killed by a bear, which is ok sucks a bit because I lost a lot of gear. But I just assumed maybe I forgot to go in my base, but nope; I didn’t see my bed for the respawn options which was puzzling to me. So I chose to respawn and make my way back to where my base was, only to see my pumpjack and my two furnaces there and nothing else!

Now the last time I had logged in was on June 23rd and then again on the 26th which was yesterday. I thought there was a 7 day limit before your base is removed not a 3 day limit... is this an bug? And no, my cupboard had over 30 days of material in it as it was just upgraded wood. Because that can be problematic if it happens in the middle of a wipe, I believe it’s near the wipe so I’m not too stressed about it but still....

Summary; last logged on, on the 23rd of June came back on the 26th to my base gone.

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Inactive purge is set at 10 days right now. For more information on inactive purge, see the following link:

If you want an admin from your server to look into this further, please either post in #help on Discord with your in-game name and tag the server you are on, or post a ticket here and include all relevant information:

There are a few possible causes for this, so I encourage you to reach out to an admin on your server so that they can help you figure it out, to prevent any more similar tragedies in the future.


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