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Ban US Pure - Alvin

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Offender: Alvin              Battlemetrics                 Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 9:50pm (est)
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Stealing, Base griefing
More Info (Optional): I noticed that this player was removing alot of base parts that was not his. Upon investigating the player was in fact removing base parts in order to raid player bases. I became visible to talk with the player and the player informed me he didn't understand to much and only spoke Chinese. I then console warned him in both Chinese and English. Shortly after his warnings the player immediately started to head towards other players bases and access furnaces, refineries and anything he was able to access through exploits. I again sent the player another console warning informing them of the rules. They paused to read and acknowledge then ran towards a players base broke the wall and entered it. The player started stealing and removing items from the base he griefed and broke into.

Because numerous attempts to get this player to understand our rules and follow them and the player showed complete disregard for any and all attempts and continued to grief bases and steal I have decided to issue a permanent ban.







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