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Banned by the Server for Language

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I was wondering if you can appeal a ban for language as I made a very idiotic joke that I shouldnt have. It was a very stupid joke and I dont know why in the spur of the moment I typed it in the first place. I apologize for even writing an inappropriate joke in the first place and have learned from my mistakes and will never be that stupid again. I know saying that I won't do it again is something mostly everyone who appeals says but it was honestly a spur of the moment dumb joke and I know it shouldnt be made in the first place and wont even do or type anything related to the joke.

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  • Staff

Thank you for submitting an appeal,

Considering your playtime on the server,  the languauge used in which resulted in the Auto-Ban, and the fact you made multiple attempts to rejoin the server without appealing the ban and only finally doing so about 20 days after the fact.  The ban will remain in place.

Unless overidden by a higher authority, the ban will remain in place.


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