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US Pure Ban - basiba basiba

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Offender: basiba basiba        Battlemetrics         Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 4:26pm (est)
Length Perm
Reason: Raiding/Griefing

More Info (Optional): basiba basiba was verbally spoken to as well as console warned by Vichous after being found inside a players base stealing/raiding items. The conversation Vichous had with basiba basiba explained our rules about raiding, stealing and grieifng and was informed that if they continue stealing/raiding they will be removed from our servers.

basiba basiba accessed another players base by building stairs to get into the base from the outside. They raided and stole numerous items from the base as well as players when they were offline. I was called over to investigate and found that basiba basiba had taken almost everything out of the players base taking multiple trips and building nearby. 

basiba basiba had ample opportunity to change and follow the servers rules and policies and chose to ignore the conversation as well as the console warning that was sent to him resulting in a ban from our wonderful servers we all strive to keep fun and safe for everyone. 

More evidence available upon request.






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