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Is it possible to have decay for TWIG only for Pure servers?


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I'm not sure if it is technically possible, but introducing decay for Twig  would encourage people to upgrade their twig mega-mansions to reduce lag on the servers at times.

Give it a reasonable time to allow people to get a start,  but we see huge twig structures for days/weeks at times.

It would also cleanup the twig foundations 'emergency bear escape' scattered around the map 😄


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I play on Scourge, not Pure, however.... I think Twigs should have their upkeep increased substantially to where it's on par with Wood so people are forced to upgrade at least or stop building random buildings they abandon with 150 days of upkeep worth of wood for their twigs. Doing this would also decrease the amount of people spamming TCs everywhere just because it's basically free to place the foundations for it. Would also combat the people who spend hours building a base and log off and are like "Where's my base?" because a random spawn helicopter leveled their twig mansion while they were offline.

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