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US Pure Bi-weekly

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I think that it would be in the best interest of everyone to make the US pure server Bi-weekly. This would help with a lot of problems currently affecting the server. 

It would:

-reduce lag

-maintain a player base later in wipe

-keeps the server more fresh overall 

I and a lot of other often enjoy the Pure server, though the general consensus is that the wipes are too long and believe that it would be better if wiper every other week. The server often gets a lot of traffic early wipe, though majority of the player base will leave around 10-14 days into wipe and the server becomes relatively inactive. With a Bi-weekly wipe this would maintain the player base activeness and give more people a reason to come around next wipe. With a monthly wipe, it causes a lot of people (specifically new members) to lose interest in the server and they won't come next wipe. 

Lag -- with a Bi-weekly wipe, this would reduce lag, while being implemented with the 7 day rule. with only 2 weeks, a lot of the casual players wont have time to build up and create these lag inducing bases. This would be a lot better overall for the general player base, where most say there largest problem is with the server. The Bi-weekly wipe system would prevent a lot of people from getting to the stage of finishing the wipe so they end up just putting Christmas lights and such all around their base. Which (along side farms) is most definitely the largest lag inducer on the server.

Freshness -- The Bi weekly wipe system would keep the player base entertained and continually moving along, by restarting progress mid way through the normal wipe, this would have a lot of people come back on the server and build once again. The server could benefit from this influx of player traffic as more people would be inclined in buying VIP, and other stuff available in the Rust EZ store. 

I hope that my argument can convince you enough to perhaps change the system or even a new server with a bi-weekly schedule. 

- The archduke 

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I personally don't mind the once a month wipe on US PURE. If we want more people on the server throughout the month, I suggest a 5 day inactive wipe. This would remove all the entities from people who just pop in to check it out and leave, reducing lag, and giving people who log in later in the wipe a chance to experience the server under better conditions. With all the options to log into Rust via free streaming such as GeForce Now, 5 days shouldn't be hard for most people, no matter where they are.

Other lag reducing changes could be to remove hemp and corn trades for scrap at bandit. That would almost certainly reduce mass farming which is a huge lag issue.  

If we want people to play longer, we could also eliminate the quarries and pumpjacks, so people actually have to play the game "the way it was meant to be played" to build the huge bases. All of these things would improve server performance and better performance will keep people in the server longer. 

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Just copying my response from an old thread mentioning the same thing.

I play on EU Scourge and am not a fan of mid month wipes. There's still plenty to do. People just tend to go to hard the first week or two and burn themselves out. That's a personal decision. That's also the downside to PvE. PvP will keep you way more active if you plan on playing a whole wipe. 

Also, a lot of players switch servers mid wipe as well. So if you're truly bored, can always switch to another server and start over that way.

Edit: Albeit, Pure is a little different but I personally have never had a problem finding something to do for the whole wipe and I've played Pure and Scourge since November. Haven't skipped out on a wipe yet.

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US Pure server is so popular, and presumably makes more income through VIP and sales, has admin considered running 2 US servers and halving pop. Yes I know its easy to say, you have to pay  for the server and staff them.

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On 7/23/2021 at 2:05 AM, Porkies said:

Yes I know its easy to say, you have to pay  for the server and staff them.

And that's a pretty big deal. 🙂

If you wanted to try something different, give the EU Pure server a try: same server gameplay, different admins (but still very awesome) and lower pop. You will have a higher ping but no latency making it very playable.  A number of our US-players have switched to the EU versions of their favorite servers and enjoy the break from the high-pop US servers.

~ A

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