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Banned AU Pure : christian_2879

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Offender: christian_2879 (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: AU Pure
Time: 8:00pm AEST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Theft
More Info : Player was warned on 10/7 & 12/7 for raiding bases by placing or authorising on TCs where bases either didnt have one or were left open. On 10/7 admitted to placing the TC but didnt admit to stealing even though his name was on logs.

Multiple players then reported thefts to the admins today - upon investigation christian's name was found on the logs on the 29/7 as shown below:
First player raided sample:  Capture.PNG.566de7cb6fbfb1a19ddfece3a9d9a374.PNG

Second player raided sample: image.thumb.png.d2690f7efd126bdef32a3a6f15a12b90.png

For stealing repeatedly a permanent ban has been implemented.

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