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US Scourge Event: Get Shafted! August 2021


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Welcome to Get Shafted!

Event: Saturday, August 7 at 8PM EST on US Scourge

Everyone is welcome to join! Prizes will be delivered to any RustEZ server upon request.

Get Shafted is a new twist on a classic RustEZ event (think Kill-A-Watt and Knocking on Death’s Door.) When your time comes, will you get lucky, or will you Get Shafted?

In this gruesomely glorious event, players are locked in their own elevator shaft. Each room is wired and connected to a random switch on the game board. In a gameshow-style format, shaft by shaft, players take turns picking a switch to try and eliminate the other contestants. The last three players left alive will win the top three prizes for that round.

How the Event Works

Players join the event with an empty inventory and no access to backpacks or chat commands.

Each player will choose their own shaft that they will be locked in until their death, or until the end of the round if they are the winner.

If there are more than 30 contestants, players may double (or triple!) up in a shaft, and both will receive prizes if they manage to survive.

Once all players have a shaft, the round will begin.

During the game, players will select a number (1-30), from the unselected numbers, until everyone has been killed except for the sole remaining player.

When a number has been picked, the neon sign will go out, and players must choose from the remaining lit up numbers.

There will be (at least) three rounds total. 


There will be multiple rounds. Players from all servers and regions are more than welcome to join! Prizes can be transferred to other RustEZ servers upon request. For the final round, all participants will be competing for BIG prizes!

Good luck and have fun. Hope you don’t Get Shafted!

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