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US Pure Ban - Numero 4

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Offender: Numero 4         battlemetrics     Steam Profile  
Server: US Pure
Time: 2:20pm est
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Stealing/Base Griefing

More Info (Optional): Player was first Console warned on 8/5/2021 for entering a players base through base exploits and looting a players indoor furnace area as well as the player while they were offline. They were informed that accessing players while offline and stealing from them and bases is against the rules and a bannable offence. 

Numero 4 accessed a player through a base exploit and stole the players belongings . 

Numero 4 Also placed his own TC within the players base and added doors, walls and other base parts.

Numero 4 was already issued with a console warning for this same offence the day before and made a conscientious decision to disregard the warning they received and steal from another player. Because of the blatant disregard of RustEZ's no stealing and greifing rule. Numero 4 will be permanently banned from our wonderful community.   

Numero 4_log01.PNG

Numero 4_log02.PNG

Numero 4_log03.PNG

Numero 4_log04.PNG

Numero 4_pic01.PNG

Numero 4_pic02.PNG

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