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US Pure Ban - Foenem

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Offender: Foenem       battlemetrics        Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 3:04 pm (est)
Length: Permanent
Reason: Stealing

More Info (Optional): Foenem was first warned on 8/6/2021 for entering a base through a base exploit and stealing items off of a player while offline as well as from the players base.

Foenem saw an offline player through a base exploit and took items from the players inventory. Foenem was the only name on the players logs and the items missing were found within the players base. 

Foenem had an opportunity after receiving the first warning to refrain from stealing items from players while offline and taking advantage of base exploits for personal gain. 

Foenem chose to disregard the warning and again saw an opportunity to steal from an offline player.

Stealing of any kind is not tolerated on our servers. Ample time was given to adjust gameplay and for them to be a part of our rule abiding community and Foenem chose not to. A permanent ban was implemented.



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