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Fabulous Fishing - August Build Contest (All Servers)


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There's Something Fishy About that Shack...

We're hosting a build contest for players on all RustEZ servers. Build a public fishing shack or any fishing-themed build (i.e. fishing hut/shack, bait shop, fishing tours, etc.) and enter to win RustEZ store credits and other in-game prizes for next wipe!

The fishing build must follow these rules: 

  • Be a public build (i.e.  Accessible to players on the server). Remember to secure access to your private base and items, if connected. 
  • Name your fishing build and place at least one sign with the name on the outside.
  • Builds removed due to inactive purge or decay prior to Aug 26 are not eligible for prizes.


You may enter only one build. Reply to this forum thread and provide the following by midnight EST (5 am GMT) Monday, August 23, 2021. Post your entry in advance of your final build so we can follow your progress! Team builds are eligible, however only one person from your team can enter the build.

  • Your in-game name
  • The server your contest build entry is on (i.e. AU-Survival, EU-Pure, US-Scourge) and so on. 
  • The map grid ID location of the build
  • One screenshot showing the front of the build 
  • One screenshot showing the interior of the build  
  • Admin entries are a separate category with one prize awarded - you may use admin tools for your entry. Please note "Admin Build" in your forum post.


Finalists will be chosen by staff and participant votes during the build tours event. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • First Place: $10 RustEZ store credit 
  • Second Place : $5 RustEZ store credit
  • Third Place: 3x Supply signals (for next wipe)
  • Build Tours: Participant's Choice Award: 3x Supply signals (for next wipe)
  • First Place (Admin Build): $10 RustEZ store credit 


Staff will host a Fishing Tour Event, tentatively planned for August 25. We'll gather in Discord and move around to RustEZ servers to tour the Fabulous Fishing contest builds.  Event servers will be announced in this post and in our Discord prior to start times.  In-game prizes and Steam keys will be handed out to participants who join us in Discord and on the servers during the Tour event. Fishing kits will be provided during the event.

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1 hour ago, Sgttuggle said:

it is supposed to be a public build where can the public use this?

My bad, ignore the first line of my original reply, below. 🙂 
I forgot I stated that in the rules this time to ensure we could have access for the Build tours.

Not required, but best to have some area accessible to public.  When we do the build tours event,  we take players in the areas of the build that's open to the public. We'll skip private bases that are completely locked up during the event. 

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Hi there! Welcome to the Guppy Hotel.

I'm Meeyo

Located at the border of D16 and E16 on US PURE, our fine establishment has 12 fully furnished hotel rooms, 6 fishing piers, a fully enclosed boat and submarine house, a gorgeous viewing deck and all the charm an 8 bit, 3D fish could offer. Come tour each of the rooms, enjoying the fine art our team has created. Rest and relax in our lobby, play some Chippy in one of three rec rooms, and catch a big fish on one of the piers. We look forward to seeing you soon!







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ign Lazy Lion
Server US Pure
Grid Y5 - Public Fishing Dock

My boat shop on scourge decayed so here's my new entry before the deadline.  Public fishing sofas, cooking areas, music to listen and relax to at night enjoying the view of the lighthouse.  (the fish like to listen to the shark fm)   For sale are Snacks, Bait, Fishing Attire/Silly Hats, Freshly caught Fish and Skulls. 


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Welcome to the Fish-iNg Piers at South Harbor

In-game name: iNg717

Server: US Pure

Grid ID: N26/N27 Near South Harbor

Come on down to the Fish-iNg Piers at South Harbor and enjoy some relaxing fishing and fireworks!  The fishing is hot and we've been catching Sharks and Salmon among everything else you can imagine.  Our piers right at water level so you don't lose your catch.  You can also relax at one of the huts after a long day of fishing.  Free parking for your car as well as a garage for your Heli!  






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