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US Pure Ban - mesutturan5333

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Offender: mesutturan5333        Battlemetrics        Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 2:35pm (est)   8/8/2021 
Length: Permanent
Reason: Stealing/Base Griefing

More Info (Optional): I saw mesutturan5333 leaving a base that didn't belong to him. After getting the logs from some of the boxes I noticed he had accessed and stolen from them.

I sent him a console warning explaining the servers rules on raiding and stealing. Soon as the warning was sent he entered another base through an open window. At that point I kicked the player to give the player another opportunity to read the servers rules and policies.

mesutturan5333 logged in shortly after and once again jumped through the window of a base and was greeted by another admin (MorganaRaven) who informed him that entering a base without permission, stealing and raiding are all against the rules and a bannable offence. mesutturan5333 disregarded every warning (verbal and console) as well as PSA's that were put out up to that point. 

mesutturan5333 accessed the base once more after already being removed from it and proceeded to place a lock on the TC to take over the players base. (base griefing) 

mesutturan5333 had plenty of opportunities to change and join our rule abiding community but chose to ignore 2 admins, 3 warnings and 1 kick. It is because of this that mesutturan5333 was banned from our marvelous servers and the wonderful community that plays on them. 











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