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So, you want to become a fishing legend but you aren't sure how to start?

This guide will go through fishing in detail, from the basics to more ... in-depth!


The Basics:

First, you're going to need a fishing rod and some bait. Ill go into more detail about bait later on - for now while you learn, any bait will do! Drag that bait into available slot in fishing rod. Baits of the same kind will stack in there:


Be sure to be standing as close to the water as you can (or even in it!)



Holding right click will draw back your cast, you can now see the outline where you will cast to. Pretty simple, red wont cast & blue will. Left click to cast



Once you get a bite, its time to reel that catch in!

  • S or LMB - reels in
  • A - pull left
  • D - pull right

If your fish is swimming right, pull the fish left using A, and if its swimming left, pull right with D like the below pic. You want to reel in when you can, but take care - your line can snap! If the rod starts to shake / creak - let go & give your catch a second to tire itself out.



And that's it! Congratulations, you've caught your first fish!





I'm sure you're already hooked, so stay tuned for follow up posts where I will outline:

  • Common mistakes
  • What can I catch
  • Where to find each fish type
  • What bait values are and how to maximise your catches


 - Samakeen

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Whyyyyyy is this not working for me??


The new fishing has more to it than our modded servers previous used, so there's a couple of common mistakes I've found so far while learning.

I cant cast:

  • Check you have bait in the rod still
  • Check you are close enough to the water
  • If you're already in the water, you may need to back up a little

My line is disappearing, but I don't hear it snap:

  • If you turn away from your line, it will disappear! Keep it in front of you as best you can. Alt look works just fine if you do need to turn
  • If your line crosses too close to pretty much anything that isn't water it will disappear - this could be foundations, barrels in the moon pools, your box of bait, etc. Stand as close as possible to the water
  • If you want to fish from a chair, I've found this set up works well provided you place the chair basically in the water



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So, what can I catch?

There are now 3 tiers of fish you can catch.

Tier 1:

  • Anchovy
  • Herring
  • Sardine

You can catch these 3 little guys in any sort of water

Tier 2:

  • Yellow perch (Rivers & swamps)
  • Small trout (Ocean & underwater labs in the moon pools)

Tier 3:

  • Catfish (Rivers & swamps)
  • Orange Roughy (underwater labs)
  • Small shark (Ocean over 4.5m in depth & underwater labs)
  • Salmon (any body of water over 4.5m in depth)

What makes them tier 3? When you gut them you get loot! Other then the usual fishy innards, you have a chance to find:

  • Scrap
  • Blue Keycard
  • Cloth
  • Pistol Bullets
  • Flare


The wooden spoon:

Sometimes when using a bait value of 0.5-2.5 you'll get the wooden spoon of catching junk. Junk doesn't fight once its hooked, so if its a straight reel in you can expect to see one of these:

  • Diving Fins
  • Tarp
  • Small Water Bottle
  • Water Jug
  • Human Skull
  • Water Bucket


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What the heck is bait value, anyway?


Short answer: To catch higher tier fish, you need higher tier bait!

For the sake of keeping things simple, I'm only including items from the new update in this. You can use other foods, look for the bait value in the item information:



In the below table are the new fish & baits, along with:

  • Bait Value - how much they are worth if placed as a bait in the fishing rod
  • Bait Required - what bait value do I need to catch this sucker?




The strats!

How do I make the most out of my fishing? Here's the tips I have for you so far:

  • If you have worms & grubs, chuck them on there to build up your Tier 1 fish. If you're lucky, the grub might even catch you a small trout!
  • Don't use your tier 1 fish as bait! You are better off gutting it and using the raw fish as bait instead, raising your bait value from 3 to 5
  • Your tier 2 fish are a gamble. Do I gut them and take the 4 raw fish or do I use it as bait to try to get the tier 1? Take care here, you may just get an anchovy as a swap!


That's everything so far! No doubt as the mechanics grow/change, I will be coming to update this with more of my mistakes so you don't need to make your own! If I have missed something, please feel free to add it in.


Happy fishing fellow anglers!

 - Samakeen


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