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Rust Musicians, Assemble! :P

Lord McGuffin

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Just wanted to share my build before wipe. Musicians, only a day left to put on a show! (bring your own guitar/banjo, it's in R16)

This wasn't part of the plan, I just got on one morning, a week and half into the wipe, to find a very large fugly compound wall right on the limit of my backyard... (sry neighbour but...yeah). Anywho, this is what I came up with on the fly that day, plans change.

(BTW : if you do visit, please don't judge my electrical wiring job!! 😆)


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I'm practising on building a concert hall, but I'm having trouble with the roof... I don't get the physics sometimes. Why is it that I was able to add a triangle roof on the top left side no problem, but then when i went to do the same on the right it crumbled? The support structure is exactly the same, the shape is symmetrical, so what gives?



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